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I am a luthier, and a musician who makes and restores violins, guitars and mandolins.

My craft is informed by my love for playing these instruments. As a player, I know a musical instrument has both creative and utilitarian attributes. In order for an instrument to perform at its best, it must be attended to with an eye and ear to both its physical health and its playability. These aspects are often intertwined.

Working to bring a new or existing musical instrument into proper playing condition is what I do. I keep on hand a small inventory of new instruments for sale, as well as some vintage guitars and mandolins, and a few older violins. I am also available for custom work, bow rehairing and repairs, and instrument restorations and repairs.

Welcome, please have a look around!

New Instruments

In my workshop in Brattleboro, Vermont, I build:

  • violins
  • bows
  • acoustic guitars
  • mandolins

Some time ago I spent seven years working as the shop assistant to renowned Vermont violin maker Douglas Cox. In my time there I refined the woodworking skills that are fundamental to a luthier. I remember many conversations concerning the nature of the violin and its construction. I also benefited from time spent with Scott Hausmann at the Whetstone School of Lutherie.

These instruments are available for sale, and I welcome the opportunity to build an instrument for you. Please call me with any questions.

Restored Instruments

I like to rescue and adopt instruments of quality in need of help, and once they are healthy, sell them to a new owner to care for them. Over the years, I've done repair and restoration work in both violin shops and guitar shops. I developed a fondness for quality and vintage instruments through my exposure to them in these environs.

I began this work as a college student, when my fiddle came open one winter. Having always been handy with my hands, I bent some ears and found a good book on violin building, made some simple tools on a student’s budget, and began my long and mindful journey into a lifetime of instrument repair, restoration, and construction.

I’m happy to answer your questions about these instruments.

Repair Services

My employment has always involved working with my hands, and problem solving. Over the years, I've done repair and restoration work in violin shops, guitar shops, and accordion shops. The problem solving aspect is my favorite part of what I do.

Part of that is determining and working within the limitations of a budget.

We’ll sit down and assess your instrument together. We’ll talk about its playability as well as stability, and its sound. Then we’ll establish a budget of time and materials, and only once that’s done and agreed upon, proceed.

While It would be nice to be able to say that price is no object, in my experience, that’s rarely the case. I’m used to prioritizing work so that the necessary gets done, and details that can wait until next time do so, if required. Let me know how I may assist you!

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Mobile: 802 490-9221